Israel deceives Turkey to gain time for Gaza strikes

Erdogan's harsh reactions over Gaza killings reflect Turkey`s dissapointment and anger in consequence of Israel`s deception and promises.

Israel deceives Turkey to gain time for Gaza strikes
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Israel continues to bomb Gaza despite all condemnation from the world in an attack that it dropped more than 100 tones of bombs to Gaza.

Israel appears to plan this attack 6 months ago, which was recorded as the worst massacre of 60 years of Palestine-Israil conflict.

Israeli Olmert visited Turkey last week and met Erdogan to discuss "peace" in Gaza.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz said Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barack instructed the army for Gaza offensive on June 18.

Tel-Aviv used negotiation table to gain time for preparations, intelligence gathering and misleading public opinion since Hamas, a resistance group against Israeli occupation in Palestinian territories, was caught unprepared.

"No humanitarian crisis in Gaza"

Turkish newspaper Akşam quotes Gabby Levy, Israeli Ambassador in Turkey, as saying Primes Minister Ehud Olmert "promised" Turkish President Abdullah Gul and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan that "there will not be any humanitarian crisis in Gaza".

According to the paper, Turkish government is angry over Israeli attack on Gaza because they feel Israel "deceived" them and deliberately misled the public about Israel intentions.

Days before the Israel attacks on Gaza Strip, Turkish and Israeli Prime Ministers held a meeting in İstanbul to discuss peace process. Turkey has been actively involved in negotiations over the last couple years.

It is also known that Hamas Leader Ismail Haniyyeh called Turkish PM Erdoğan to ask for help on Gaza siege.

Erdoğan later said the issue came up during the meeting and Olmert promised not to cause any humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

However, Israel started bombing Gaza on Saturday and Erdogan said that Israeli attack on Gaza was a blow to international peace, crime against humanity and such disproportionate use of force could not be accepted.

The attack was also a disrespect to Turkey which exerted great efforts for peace, he stated.

Turkish President Abdullah Gul also gave a strong message and said " the attack is an act of irresponsibility."

The paper says this harsh reactions reflect the Turkey`s dissapointment and anger in consequence of Israel`s deception.

No mediation between Syria, Israel

Syria announced Sunday it was suspending the peace talks launched in May because of the Israeli attacks on Gaza that killed more than 300 people.

"Under these circumstances, naturally it is not possible to press ahead with the talks," Babacan said at a joint news conference with visiting Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit.

"Israel's policy to turn to war with Palestinians while negotiating for peace with Syria, has greatly disappointed us."

"Not remain silent"

Erdoğan met with Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Ali Aboul Gheit and said that the international community should not remain silent and take immediate action against the Israeli attack in Gaza, Anatolian news agency reported on Monday.

He also said that Turkey would intensify efforts to stop the tragedy in Gaza, diplomats added.

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