Israel names three conditions for Gaza truce

Israel said Thursday that any calm in the Gaza Strip, as proposed by Palestinian organization, could only be sustainable if three specific conditions were met.

Israel names three conditions for Gaza truce
Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ariye Mekel said "the organizations had to stop firing rockets and mortars at southern Israel, had to cease attacks inside Israel and on the Gaza-Israel border, and had to stop smuggling weapons into the enclave".

If these conditions were met, the calm would be sustainable, Mekel said.

Citing an unnamed high-level Egyptian official, Egypt's state news agency MENA said on Wednesday that Palestinian factions meeting in Cairo had agreed to an Egyptian proposal for a ceasefire starting in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

But a member of Israel's security cabinet, who asked not be identified because a truce proposal had not been finalised, said Israel was waiting to see the results of Egyptian mediation.

"There will not be a signed agreement between Israel and Hamas, obviously," the official said.

"But there is nothing to stop each side from independently making an undertaking with the Egyptians. That, in effect, would be a tacit truce deal."

Israel, he said "will almost certainly go along" with a ceasefire if it "falls in line with our basic demands.

Israel's response to the truce proposal is expected to be given to Cairo next week.

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