Israel offensive condemned ahead of 'peace talks'

Spokesman for Palestinian Presidency Tuesday accused Israel of trying to thwart final status talks due to kick off Wednesday by launching offensive against the Gaza Strip.

Israel offensive condemned ahead of 'peace talks'
"The Israeli government's determination to continue the offensives, assassinations and expanding settlements boost the doubts about the Israeli intentions regarding the negotiations," spokesman Nabil Abu Rdainah told reporters.

Israeli troops backed by tanks pushed two km into southern Gaza since this morning, killing four Palestinian fighters.

"This is an awful crimes and aggression," Abu Rdainah said, adding that "It is difficult to go on with the negotiation process under the assassinations, deliberate killing, land confiscation and other procedures that don't suit the spirit of the peace process."

Israeli and Palestinian sides agreed at a U.S.-hosted peace conference held last month in Annapolis, Maryland that negotiations over final status issues, namely Jerusalem, borders, settlements and Palestinian refugees, would begin on Dec. 12.


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