Israel pays $2.2 mln to family of British cameraman shot dead in Gaza

Israel has reached a huge financial settlement with the family of James Miller, a British cameraman killed by Israeli army in 2003, an official confirmed.

Israel pays $2.2 mln to family of British cameraman shot dead in Gaza

The Israeli Haaretz daily reported that Israel paid James Miller's family 1.5 million euros ( $2.2 million).

A statement from Miller's family spokesman confirmed that a settlement has been reached, adding that "this is the nearest they are likely to get to an admission of guilt by the Israeli government."

In May, 2003, Miller, 34, was in the Gaza- Egypt border town of Rafah shooting footage for a documentary.

Miller was documenting the lives of Palestinian children in a refugee camp in Rafah, Gaza, when he was shot at night by an Israeli soldier.

The family said the killing was caught on film by another cameraman.

The footage showed that the cameraman and his colleagues, who were leaving the home of a Palestinian family in the Rafah refugee camp after dark, carried a white flag and called out to let troops know they were British journalists. He had been carrying a white flag and was trying to ask the troops if it was safe to leave the area when he was shot in the neck.

The soldier who killed Mr Miller, Lieutenant Hib al-Heib, was cleared by an army inquiry and later promoted to captain.

Miller's family, however, filed a suit against Israel for murder in a Tel Aviv court, where a judge ruled in favour of the family.

In 2006, an inquest in Britain found Mr Miller was unlawfully killed. He left a wife, Sophy, and two young children, Alexander and Lottie.

The proceedings at the Tel Aviv court began when British attorney general Lord Peter Goldsmith threatened to initiate criminal proceedings in the UK against the soldiers said to have been involved in the incident.


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