Israel to boycott Al-Jazeera network

Israel has decided to boycott Al-Jazeera television, claiming that the Doha-based popular Arabicnews network made "hurting coverage", Israel's Army Radio reported on Wednesday.

Israel to boycott Al-Jazeera network
In a letter to be sent to Qatar in the coming days, Israeli Foreign Ministry explained that the decision was made following an examination of coverage of Israeli military attacks in the Gaza Strip.

The boycott would include a general refusal by Israeli officials to accept interviews with the station, as well as a ban on Al-Jazeera correspondents from entering government offices in Jerusalem, according to the report.

"The Foreign Ministry has held discussions on the matter, and decided to embargo the station," Deputy Foreign Minister Majali Wahabe was quoted as saying.

Describing the move as necessary, he said "These reports are untrustworthy and they hurt us."

The deputy foreign minister also reiterated a plan to create an Israeli channel in Arabic for the Arab World, which would broadcast the "Israeli viewpoint".


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