Israeli occupation troops murder young woman in Gaza

Brutal murders of occupation forces goes on in Palestine

Israeli occupation troops murder young woman in Gaza

Israeli occupation troops on Monday shot and killed a young Palestinian woman in Gaza, medical sources said.

Fatima Abu Musa'ed, 25, a mother of two children, was killed when Israeli snipers shot her twice in the head as she was walking near a barbed-wife fence near the borders between Gaza and Israeli-controlled territory.

"They shot that innocent woman in the name of Jewish nationalism. I believe the Zionists are the Nazis of our time," said Mahmoud Abu Musaed, a relative of the victim.

He told reporters that "they (Israeli soldiers) killed her because non-Jewish lives are of no value to Jews."

"When it comes to Palestinians they pull the trigger very easily and they ask questions later. They are the Nazis of our time."

It is widely believed that up to 75% of the estimated 4000 Palestinians killed by the Israeli occupation army and paramilitary Jewish settlers were innocent civilians.

The Israeli occupation army has been escalating air and ground attacks against Palestinians during the past few weeks, apparently taking advantage of the world's preoccupation with the Danish cartoons affair which sparked off riots and protests around the world.

Source: Palestinian Information Center

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