Israeli warplanes hit Haneya's office in Gaza

Israeli aircrafts struck the office of deposed Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haneya in western Gaza City before dawn on Sunday, residents in the city said.

Israeli warplanes hit Haneya's office in Gaza
Israeli aircrafts hovered over the western area of Gaza City and fired two air-to-ground missiles at Haneya's office, the witnesses said.

The strike caused huge explosions, leaving dozens of people, mainly women and children, in panic, they added.

Severe destruction was caused to the three-floor building near the Beach Refugee camp, but no injuries were reported, the witnesses said.

Israel has been targeting buildings belonging to Islamic Hamas movement.

Palestinian medics in Gaza said that 63 Palestinians were killed on Saturday.

Palestinian witnesses said that Israeli aircrafts targeted three fighters in northern Gaza Strip, adding that one was killed and two wounded.

In southern Gaza Strip, Hamas-police sources said that Israeli aircrafts targeted two houses in southern Gaza Strip towns of Rafah and Kahn Younis. The two houses were damaged, no injuries were reported.

Mo'aweya Hassanein, chief of emergency and ambulance services in the ministry of health, said 96 Palestinians were killed and 300 wounded in an unprecedented Israeli offensive on Hamas and on the Gaza Strip since Wednesday.


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