Israeli warplanes 'use Egyptian territory' to bomb Gaza -witnesses

Israeli warplanes have been flying over Egyptian territory during their bombing runs along the border between Gaza and Egypt, witnesses said on Sunday.

Israeli warplanes 'use Egyptian territory' to bomb Gaza -witnesses

The witnesses, who have spent many hours close to the Rafah crossing point between Egypt and Gaza, said they had seen the Israeli planes fly over on several occasions, often at such low altitude that it was clear they were over Egyptian territory.

Israeli planes have been bombing on the Gaza side of the border, within a few hundreds of metres (yards) of Egypt.

The three witnesses, who are not involved in the conflict, said they wanted to remain anonymous because of the sensitivity of the matter.

Muslims blasted the Egyptian government that did not open Rafah border to Gazans under heavy Israel siege.

Egyptian Defence Ministry officials either were unavailable or had no comment on the reports.


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