Israelites and Muslims

Here is a great comparative history book from Muhammed K.Kayani in a poetic form.

Israelites and Muslims

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This tremendous poetic book by Muhammed K.Kayani is consisted of three chapters and 96 pages. 

Chapter one includes the part "THE FATHER OF MANY NATIONS". This chapter refers to Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) in a poetic way.

Chapter two includes the part "THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL". Beginning with the map showing Israelites in the wilderness. Chapter two includes the parts 1."Israelites in Egypt 2.The Exodus 3.Israelites in the Promised land 4. The degeneration and dispersal of Israelites

In chapter 3, "THE MUSLIM UMMAH" there is 1.The Community of God 2.Jihad and the Ulema 3.The New Dawn.


Kayani, who both knows the eastern and western culture very well, has published numerous articles and poems in Urdu, English, and Turkish and wrote or translated more than a dozen books in Turkish and English.Some of the English books published are:


Epic of Man in the Light of the Qur'an,

Islamic Perspective of History,

Iqbal's Poetry Politics and Philosophy.

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