Israel's legal advisor halts power cuts in Gaza

Israeli state prosecutor Menahem Mazuz ordered the suspension Monday of a plan to curb electricity to the Gaza Strip.

 Israel's legal advisor halts power cuts in Gaza
Israel's state prosecutor said Monday that planned punitive cuts in the electricity supply to the Gaza Strip cannot go ahead without taking full account of the possible humanitarian consequences.

Menahem Mazouz said in a statement that "security chiefs must carry out supplementary examinations to take account of the humanitarian obligations before ordering electricity cuts."

A spokesman for Mazouz's office, Moshe Cohen, told AFP there was a need to "evaluate the risks that such measures could have on the civilian population."

Mazouz published his advice following close consultations with officials from the justice, defence and foreign ministries as well as the prime minister's office and the supreme court.

The supreme court has meanwhile given the government until Friday to justify the economic sanctions it is seeking to impose on the Palestinian territory, following legal action taken by 10 human rights groups.

Israel on Sunday began reducing the amount of fuel it supplies to the coastal strip, just weeks after it declared the territory a "hostile entity".

Amid international criticism of the move as "collective punishment", it said it intended to impose electricity cuts within the next few days.


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