Israel's mass punishments not to change Palestinian determination

Haneyya: Any Israeli measures would never influence Palestinians.

Israel's mass punishments not to change Palestinian determination

The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, has deprecated Israel's recent measures declared by its war minister , Shaul Mofaz, with the aim of foiling any Hamas-formed government.

Ismail Haneyya, MP-elect in the Palestinian Legislative Council and one of the most prominent Hamas political leaders, on Friday told reporters in Gaza that the recent Israeli occupation authority's (IOA) decisions fell in line with Tel Aviv's policy of repression and mass punishment against the Palestinian people.

Haneyya emphasized that such measures would never influence the Palestinian people's determination or impose capitulation on them.

Mofaz on Thursday endorsed a series of recommendations presented by concerned security parties imposing restrictions on the PA as of today Saturday the date at which the new PLC would be inaugurated with a Hamas majority.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahhar, another MP-elect and prominent Hamas leader, returned to Gaza on Friday after taking part in a Hamas delegation touring a number of Arab countries to take part in the PLC's inaugural session.

Source: Palestinian Information Center

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