Istanbul pays 43 pc of all taxes in Turkey

Four provinces provide most of the tax income for Turkey.

Istanbul pays 43 pc of all taxes in Turkey

80 liras collected as tax out of every 100 liras come from north-western provinces of Istanbul, Kocaeli, central Anatolian province of Ankara and western province of Izmir.

Taxes collected from Istanbul constitute 43 percent of all taxes collected by the Turkish government.

In 2008, the Turkish Ministry of Finance collected a total of 168.87 billion liras as taxes. 72.3 billion of this amount came from Istanbul tax payers alone.

Kocaeli residents paid 25.2 billion liras in taxes in 2008. Ankara residents paid 18.4 billion liras in taxes in 2008 while Izmir residents paid taxes worth 17.7 billion liras in the same year.

In 2008, 88.47 percent of all Turks paid taxes to the government.

In six provinces, more than 88.47 percent of the residents paid taxes to the government while in 75 other provinces the percentage of tax payers was less than 88.47 percent.

In eastern province of Igdir and south-eastern provinces of Sirnak and Hakkari, only half of the taxes due got paid to the government.


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