Jewish org, Greek Cypriots, US ...

American Jews recognize the "Armenian genocide" while the U.S. gives the green light to the Greek Cypriots to prospect oil and natural gas despite Turkish objections. German president signs a bill that Turks oppose. All these are issues show we need utmos

Jewish org, Greek Cypriots, US ...
By İlnur Çevik, The new Anatolian

Turks are engrossed in the presidential elections and domestic politics as the newly elected Parliament settles down and starts to do business in earnest.

However, important international developments are moving at a fast pace and we feel Turkey has to keep pace with them.

It also means we have to display more national unity and solidarity if we are to safeguard our vital national interests.

There bad news on Wednesday showed we have to attend to some pressing problems before they really get out of hand and start threatening our vital interests.

The first is the decision of the famous Jewish organization in the U.S., the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) which has reversed its long standing position and has acknowledged the acts against the Armenians by the Ottoman Turks were "genocide."

It is clear that the ADL came under strong pressures from the Armenian lobby and took this stand.

The fact that ADL said it will continue to oppose the congressional bill accepting the "Armenian genocide" is little comfort.

Because the ADL said it took the decision to reverse its former position because it consulted historians and experts and came to the conclusion that what happened was actually genocide.

Now many people in the U.S. Congress who had doubts will start thinking in a different manner. This is bad news for Turkey.

The second bad news for Turkey is the announcement by the State Department that they do not oppose the move by the Greek Cypriots to prospect oil and natural gas in the territorial waters of Cyprus.

Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots have opposed the move saying the Greek Cypriots do not represent the whole of Cyprus and thus they cannot issue tenders to give oil concessions for the island and its territorial waters.

The oil prospecting tenders by the Greek Cypriots received lukewarm response form the international business world but the American announcement may change things.

The third bad news was the decision by German president to sign into law a new legislation that the Turks living in that country vehemently oppose.

All these are setbacks for Turkey and for Turks in general. We are facing difficulties on the Cyprus front and non the Armenian front.

Meanwhile, there are interesting developments in Iraq where the Maliki government is fighting for survival.

The visit of the French foreign minister to Baghdad and his warm exchanges with the Iraqi Kurdish leaders Jalal Talabani and Masssoud Barzani are meaningful.

It is clear that after President Sarkozy took office France has started to change its Iraq policy and is maneuvering to become a player.

The fact that French leaders have always been sympathetic to the Iraqi Kurds shows French involvement in Iraq will strengthen the hands of Talabani and Barzani…

Turkey has to take all these developments seriously and we have to attend to them. Instead we are too busy discussing the headscarf of Hayrunnisa Gul, the wife of the foreign minister and soon to become the First lady.
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