Jordan halts Gaza convoy passing, Egypt signals trouble / PHOTO

Jordan police halts Gaza convoy passing, Egypt signals trouble / PHOTO

Jordan halts Gaza convoy passing, Egypt signals trouble / PHOTO


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Jordanian police tried to halt passing of Viva Palestina aid convoy through the capital city of Amman in a crisis that car convoy people protested.

Some 200 trucks entered the Kingdom through the Jaber border crossing Tuesday afternoon, and were greeted by professional association and opposition activists. But Viva Palestina convoy faced troubles during Jordan passing.

The 210 trucks from various parts of the world, carrying at least 450 figures, - left London on December 3 and are expected to enter Gaza by December 27, the first anniversary of the attack, which left nearly 1500 Palestinians dead and injured 5,000.

The convoy teams shut down their vehicles on the road after Jordanian police did not allow their cars in Amman, causing traffic jam in the city.

Police told the convoy to go ahead "outside the city" to the final destination in the country, breaking it up into smaller convoys.

To avoid a bigger crisis, military and political officials intervened the situation, talking with the representatives of the convoy, including Turkey's IHH President Bulent Yıldırım. After lengthy talks, the delegation decided to enter the city by groups of 10 cars at a time.

The police blocking caused anger and reaction among Jordanian citizens. Large public crowds took to the streets and poured into the area that the convoy teams stay, supporting to the Viva Palestina convoy.

However, Jordanian officials later apologized to the convoy team for the trouble.

Viva Palestina, formed in January, sent convoys to Gaza earlier this year -- the UK convoy in February and the US convoy in July.

International march in Egypt?

Meanwhile, according to Reuters news agency, earlier Monday Egypt rejected a request by international activists to organise a march to Gaza via Egypt to mark one year since Israel's massive military offensive.

Israel and Egypt imposes siege into the occupied land home to 1.5 million people since June 2007.

Israel controls all but one of Gaza's border crossings, the Rafah terminal with Egypt, which Cairo keeps closed.

However, Al Jazeera reported, the group of international activists has said it will go ahead with next week's planned march against the blockade of the Gaza Strip, despite Cairo ban.

"Our efforts and plans will not be altered at this point. We have set out to break the siege of Gaza and to march in Gaza on December 31 against the international blockade," organisers of the Gaza Freedom March said on their website. "We are continuing the journey."

Egypt warned that "any attempts to violate the law or public order by any group, whether local or foreign, on Egyptian soil will be dealt with in conformity with the law", ignoring the request by organisers to use the Rafah border crossing, the only entry into Gaza that bypasses Israel.

Around 1,300 international delegates from 42 countries have signed up to join the Gaza Freedom March which was due to enter Gaza via Egypt during the last week of December.

Egypt and Jordan are only Arab states to sign a deal with Israel that occupies the Palestinian lands for decades. Jordan hosts Palestinians whose families forced to flee Palestinian territories after Jewish militants started attacks.

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