Jordan Muslim Brotherhood elects new leader

The Consultative Council of Jordan's influential Muslim Brotherhood movement has elected Hammam Saeed as new leader, reliable Islamic sources said Thursday.

Jordan Muslim Brotherhood elects new leader
Saeed, a former member of the lower house of parliament, narrowly won the post in severe competition with former leader, Salem Falahat, who lost with one-vote edge in the voting that took place late Wednesday.

Falahat came under fire since he was chosen several months ago by King Abdullah II as member of the upper house of parliament, also known as the king's council.

The Muslim Brotherhood movement has been for decades leading opposition in the country mainly through its political arm, the Islamic Action Front (IAF), which suffered a setback in the last general elections in November.

The IAF won only six seats in the 110-member lower house compared with 17 seats in the outgoing chamber.

Local commentators suggested that Saeed's choice as new leader of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement could trigger confrontation with the government, which supports Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas versus Hamas.

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