Jordan to sign water project with Turkish company

The Jordanian government is scheduled to sign an agreement with Turkish company Gama to pump water from the southern aquifer of Disi at a cost of USD 600 million, Minister of Water & Irrigation Raed Abu Saud said Thursday.

Jordan to sign water project with Turkish company

The water pipeline is expected to address the kingdom's chronic water shortage.

Earlier this year, the government agreed Gama to begin building the pipeline, that will take nearly four years to be completed. Officials since then have been negotiating terms of the project, which will be build based on Build Operate Transfer (BOT) basis. Once completed, the pipeline is expected to supply Amman and the southern governorates with some 180 mcm of water per year.

Jordan has no natural lakes and its rivers have dried up under heavy industrial use. It depends on rain water to meet demands of 5.7 million population. After a sharp drop in rain this winter, the government announced a contingency plan to deal with the drought by cutting water supply to farms by 50% and pumping water to households once a week.

Jordan is considered one of the ten most water impoverished countries in the world, with annual per capita consumption not exceeding 120 cubic meter, compared to 250 cubic meter in Europe.


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