Junior officer tries to kill Guinea Navy chief: Junta

A junior naval officer tried to kill Guinea's Navy chief, the country's military rulers said on Sunday, in a further sign of instability since a December coup.

Junior officer tries to kill Guinea Navy chief: Junta
The non-commissioned officer, who military sources said was disgruntled because he did not get a promotion after the coup, fired gunshots inside the Navy headquarters last week, smashing windows and hitting vehicles, officers said.

"Non-Commissioned Officer Makan Oulare is discharged from the Guinean Armed Forces for an attempt on the life of the Navy Chief of Staff," Moussa Dadis Camara, the captain who seized power in December when veteran ruler Lansana Conte died, said in a decree read out on state television on Sunday.

The television broadcast images of bullet holes in windows and vehicles at the Navy headquarters and reported that the Gendarmerie paramilitary police force was searching for Oulare, who fled on a motorbike after the attack last Wednesday.

On Saturday the junta lifted a ban on political parties and trade unions, a demand of an international contact group set up to work with the junta to restore constitutional order.


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