Khamenei: We Have to Help Palestinian

Khamenei called on representatives of more than 50 Arab and Islamic countries to help Palestinain by all means possible.

Khamenei: We Have to Help Palestinian

The 3-day conference for supporting the Palestinian people conference is to counteract the US and European aid cuts to the Palestinians after Hamas assumed power.

Tehran, the host of this 3rd international conference to support Jerusalem and the Palestinian people, saw the gathering of parliament speakers from over 50 Islamic states and other islamic and christain figures.

Muslim supreme leader Sayed Ali Khamenei who inaugurated the conference said that US attempts to strengthen Israel in the region will fail. He demanded the US administration to lay its hands off the Islamic world and not to interfere in Iraq's own affairs saying this Arab country was able to reveal the US allegations of democratic values.
He said "The outcome of this rough process pursued by the criminal Zionists which constantly relied on the fortune, support and capabilities of the US and British adminsitrations was that despair, hesitation and fear haunted the leaders of the oppressive world today as they face the strong uprising of the Islamic awakening."

Sayed Khamenei warned that the world powers headed by the US are trying to do division among Muslims by targeting holy shrines. He said that submitting to these countries is against logic and religious teachings.
Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad whose country is facing pressure over the use of peaceful nuclear technology, said Israel is a threat, but that it is on way to its end. He once again questioned the reality of the holocaust.

The Iranian President said "We respect all peoples and all divine religions. But we ask this question: if this disastora had actually happened, why compensations should be at the expense of the people pf this region and through rendering millions of Palestinians homeless. Why is it that Palestinians are paying the price by losing their homes and houses? Why should they take all the oppression and bullets? If there were doubts about the Holocaust, definitely there are no doubts about the disaster and Holocaust inflicted on Palestinians."

The head of the Palestinian legislative council Aziz Dweik called on the Arab and Islamic world to help the Palestinian people politically and economically. Dweik took part in the conference via video link from Ramallah. He said that the Palestinian people should be supported to face the conspiracy that aims against the new legitimate government. Dweik thanked the Islamic republic for its honorable stances and concern about the Palestinian people and Jerusalem.
The 3-day conference will look into ways to support the Palestinian people amid western siege.

No doubt that the conference was a boost to Palestinians, who vowed not to cave in to Israeli, US and European pressures. Palestinian ministers also fanned out on a fund-raising tour of Arab and Muslim countries.

During the conference, Lebanese parliament speaker Nabih Berri called for strengthening the steadfastness of the Palestinian people, and to face the Israeli plan to expel the Palestinians. Berri also said that the call for laying down arms is cross border demand and that they are trying to impose it on the Palestinians, Hezbollah and Syria. He said if the group of eight powerful industrial countries does not stop treating Israel in a special way then the Israeli aggressions will continue.

Source: Al Manar

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