Lithuanian Troops Welcomed Home

Military leaders on Thursday welcomed home Lithuania's small contingent of combat troops from Iraq.

Lithuanian Troops Welcomed Home
The 50 troops were withdrawn last week from the southern Iraqi city of Basra, where they had been serving under Danish command. The Danes also withdrew their 460-member army contingent this month.

"We are convinced that our contribution to Iraq will help us in the fight against terrorism and show our country's maturity in combatting challenges to international security," President Valdas Adamkus said in a statement.

Lithuania, whose troops joined the coalition forces in 2003, decided to withdraw the contingent earlier this year. More than 750 Lithuanian soldiers took part in the mission, the president said. No one was killed.

Nine Lithuanian military personnel remain in Iraq to help train Iraqi troops and staff a command center, the Defense Ministry said.

The Baltic state also has 137 soldiers and officers deployed in Afghanistan, and in June lawmakers approved plans to send 420 troops to the Middle East, the Balkans, the trans-Caucasus republics and other locations.

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