Macedonia, US to sign 'defence document'

Macedonia's Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki and the U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will sign "defence document".

Macedonia, US to sign 'defence document'
By Worldbulletin staff

Macedonia and the United States are to sign a "defence document".

However none of the sides have revealed details of what is in this document for tightened strategic defence cooperation nor said in what form the document would be signed and whether it would have obligations of any kind, Balkaninsight reported.

The mentioning of the terms "agreement" or "deal" have so far avoided by both Skopje and Washington, the report said.

The signing of the document was agreed at last months' NATO summit in Bucharest.

Local media interpret this U.S.-Macedonia "document" as an effort to avoid a lengthy ratification process in the U.S. Congress that would need to approve any formal deal.

"It will probably be an agreement coordinated between the U.S. President, the State Department and the Pentagon" that would guarantee the security of Macedonia by deepening cooperation between the two countries, Macedonia's Defence Minister Lazar Elenovski told local media last month.

NATO said Macedonia will receive an invitation the moment it resolves the "name" row with Greece.

Rice and Milososki are also expected to discuss the ongoing United Nations-sponsored talks between Athens and Skopje aimed at ending the row.

Meanwhile, the UN mediator in the dispute said he does not expect crucial developments in the negotiations over the next few weeks due to the snap polls set in Macedonia for June 1.

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