Malaysian student makes PlayStation Koran

Muslim gamers worldwide will soon be able to mix praying with playing after the creation of a Koran which can be downloaded onto PlayStation portable consoles.

Malaysian student makes PlayStation Koran

Student Ikhwan Nazri Mohamad Asran, 21, designed the software after seeing a similar version of the Bible.

"They did the Bible, so why not do the Koran ... This application can help younger people to read the Koran," Ikhwan told AFP Tuesday.

PlayStation enthusiasts, more used to playing games such as Ridge Racer and Metal Gear Acid, can download an English-language version of the Koran, with displays in Arabic script, from the Internet.

Ikhwan said the software should appeal to parents, who sometimes distrust the Internet and gaming.

"For some parents, when we talk about the Internet, all they see is porn, the bad things. When we talk about the PlayStation, all they see is gaming and spending too much time not studying," he said.

"A mother can say, 'Read the Koran first and then I'll let you play games.'"

The software follows the creation of "The Raise," an English-language magazine on Islam, for the Sony console, and other content such as Islamic wallpaper.

"We focus on giving information on Islam and clearing misconceptions that non-Muslims have about Muslims," said Ikhwan.

Ikhwan, a student with Malaysia's Multimedia University south of Kuala Lumpur, is due to graduate this year with a degree in creative multimedia.

Aided by a team of 10 student volunteers, he started developing the Koran software between classes in January.

It was launched earlier this month to a gathering of parents at a Muslim charity dinner who responded well, Ikhwan said, adding he would later include Koranic recitations following requests.

The software will be available for download for free after May 19 from his website, he said.

"People have to download all the files, put it into their memory stick and then they can read it. All the instructions are included," Ikhwan added.

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