Maliki says supports all activities to end PKK

The Prime Minister of Iraq, Nuri al-Maliki, said Wednesday that "his government supports all activities to end terrorist incidents."

Maliki says supports all activities to end PKK
Speaking to reporters at Ankara's Swiss Hotel, Maliki said that the trilateral mechanism between Turkey, Iraq and the United States is designed to fight against the PKK and end the activities of this organization.

"There is a joint approach against the terrorist organization," Maliki said.

"We will support all activities to end terrorist incidents," Maliki said.

In response to a question on Turkey's contacts with the regional administration in north of Iraq, Maliki said that "as the central government we encourage such talks. Further, we support the trilateral mechanism so that this mechanism is effective".

Reminded about a Kurdish conference in which a call would be made to the PKK to give up arms, Maliki said that he has not been informed about such a conference.

Al-Maliki departed from Turkey on Wednesday after a one-day working visit in the Turkish capital Ankara.

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