March 14 might exclude Suleiman in Lebanon

Leader of Lebanon's Forces Samir Geagea said if the March 14 had to elect a president by a simple majority it will certainly choose one of its two candidates - MP Butros Harb or former MP Nassib Lahoud.

March 14 might exclude Suleiman in Lebanon

In an interview published by the daily An Nahar, Geagea urged that the ruling March 14 coalition 'should reach a solution' to the ongoing political crisis.

He claimed presidential elections in Lebanon would take place ahead of an Arab summit scheduled in Damascus March 29-30.

Geagea has formerly urged Arab leaders to boycott the forthcoming summit if a president for Lebanon is not elected before March 29.

Lebanon has been without a president since Emile Lahoud stepped down on November 23. The rival political camps have so far failed to reach a compromise on electing a successor to him.

The delay came amid continued wrangling between the Western-backed government and the opposition.

Both camps had earlier agreed to choose Army Chief Michel Suleiman as president.

The Arab League has made many attempts to break the deadlock and bring Suleiman to power, but all efforts have been fruitless.

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