Materazzi comes clean over Zidane incident

Italy's World Cup winning defender Marco Materazzi revealed Saturday that he had told French icon Zinedine Zidane during last year's final that he preferred his "whore of a sister" to his shirt.

Materazzi comes clean over Zidane incident
It was this comment that led to Zidane headbutting Materazzi in the chest and being dramatically sent off. That incident preceded France losing the final in a penalty shoot-out.

Materazzi, who has previously refused to divulge exactly what he had said to make Zidane react so angrily, made his revelations to Italian magazine "TV Sorrisi e Canzoni", which is due to be published on Monday.

The uncompromising Inter Milan central defender - who scored in the final and one of the penalties in the shoot-out - had previously made a different statement.

"I held his shirt for only a few seconds, he (Zidane) turned to me and spoke to me in a manic fashion, looked at me arrogantly from top to bottom and said 'if you want my shirt you can have it after the match.'

"I responded with an insult, that is true," said Materazzi.

Zidane - who retired after the World Cup - had previously said that Materazzi's remarks had been personal and concerned his mother and his sister.

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