Morocco's King invited to Turkey

Arinc said on Thursday that he invited Morocco's King Mohammad VI to Turkey.

Morocco's King invited to Turkey

Turkish State Minister & Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc said on Thursday that he invited Morocco's King Mohammad VI to Turkey.

In an exclusive interview with the A.A correspondent, Arinc, currently in Rabat to attend International Jerusalem Forum, said, "visits on the highest level will add a serious momentum also on bilateral relations."

Arinc said recent developments regarding Jerusalem, which the three celestial religions consider as holy, were discussed during the International Jerusalem Forum. "Everybody feels concern over the recent incidents in Jerusalem. Unilateral steps aiming at altering demographical structure of the city and provocative implementations should be avoided to prevent further escalation of tension," Arinc said.

Arinc said Israel's policies towards Gaza and its insistency on forming new settlement centers had a negative impact on negotiations regarding Israeli-Palestinian conflict and peace process.

Arinc said, "Moroccan officials define Turkey's foreign policy as very successful. They said Turkey was a credible country in peace of the region and the world. They are positive to Turkey's EU membership process."

Arinc said, "it is possible to further boost trade volume between the two countries. Moroccan executives say Turkey was a prestigious country for them with its population, power and potential."


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