Muslim Council to attend Holocaust Day to avoid anti-semitism charges

Britain's largest Muslim organisation will attend "Holocaust Memorial Day" for the first time.

Muslim Council to attend Holocaust Day to avoid anti-semitism charges
The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) voted this weekend to attend the day because of concerns that it made the organisation vulnerable to charges of antiSemitism.

Representatives have stayed away from Holocaust Memorial Day activities, which began in 2001.

The MCB has suggested for a new title such as Genocide Memorial Day which, it has said, would give greater recognition to more recent events, such as those in Rwanda and Bosnia. But this weekend its working committee voted 18 to 8 in favour of ending the boycott.

Representatives of the MCB, an umbrella organisation with more than 500 member groups, are now expected to attend the main Holocaust commemoration, which will take place in Liverpool on January 27.

There are fears that the vote could prompt some groups to leave the MCB. A spokesman for the organisation told The Times: "There are some affiliates who may disagree with the decision. However, a vote was taken and this was the majority view. We would hope that all affiliates will accept the democratic decision-making procedures." The decision was taken because "staying away was doing more harm than good and being misconstrued", he said.

Daud Abdullah, deputy secretary-general, is reported to have voted to continue the boycott. Sir Iqbal Sacranie, the former secretary-general, voted to end it. "There are voices who have been attacking us from day one and trying to misconstrue our nonparticipation as antiSemitism," Sir Iqbal said.


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