Muslim surf star denied U.S. entry

U.S. immigration officials refused to let a Muslim-Brazilian surf champion enter the United States, jeopardizing his bid to remain in the World Cup Tour series for next season, The Australian reported.

Muslim surf star denied U.S. entry
Reports say Jihad Khodr, a Brazilian of Lebanese origin, was traveling to Hawaii on Sunday for a major competition but was stopped by U.S. immigration officials in Dallas.

No reason was given for sending the surf star home.

The competition (Vans Triple Crown of Surfing) in Oahu, Hawaii is vital for Khodr to keep his place on the WCT for next season.

It's the second time Khodr has been denied entry to the United States.

Three years ago, he was stopped in Washington.

The United States has revoked the visa of several prominent Muslim figures. Many American universities are also complaining of declining enrollment as State Department consuls make it tougher to get visas.

There are also many obstacles facing those who're seeking political asylum, particularly Iranians.

Many European and American Muslims have complained of being unfairly targeted by the authorities since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

In the U.S., where more than 4.5 million Muslims live, reports of discrimination against Muslims reached a record high in 2005, according to the Council on American-Islamic Relations' 11th annual report.

In the report, titled "The Struggle for Equality", CAIR said it processed a total of 1,972 civil rights complaints last year alone; almost 30% higher than the figures of 2004.

Another recent report by the California offices of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found that there is growing workplace discrimination against Muslims and Arabs.

Many critics believe that the recent developments show that America, long perceived as an asylum for free-thinkers, scholars and political refugees, is becoming an asylum of another sort under the administration of President Bush.

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