Muslim Women's Status Better than Women in the West

Addressing women at the inaugural session of the organisation's first woman conference on Saturday, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind chief Dr. Mohammed Abdul Haq Ansari called on Muslim women all over the world not to confine themselves to family affairs. He urged wo

Muslim Women's Status Better than Women in the West

Preparing a cup of tea was not the only job of women in the changing world, Dr. Ansari said, adding that "women should play an important role in development of the society," he said.

The noble religion of Islam provided more sops to women than men, he stressed. Dr. Ansari moreover, condemned the abuse of liberty by women in Western countries. Women's liberty doesn't mean spending time in pubs and night clubs and ignore the Hijab.

"In the name of liberty, women are being sexually exploited and misused for promotion of brands. But reality is that dogs are given better treatment than women in the western countries," Dr. Ansari said.

Many Qur'an ayahs tackle the issue of respect for women and women's rights. Also in many ahâdîth, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him urges Muslims to take care and giver great respect to women.

Before Islam, baby girls were buried alive simply because they were female. Also in the pre-Islamic, women were reduced to mere bearers and carriers of offspring, having no rights, not even to the exclusive love and devotion.

Non- Muslims in the West have continuously claimed that Islam promotes degrading ideas about women as well as the ill-treatment of women. Contrary to such widespread misconception, Islam is the only religious doctrine that denies the concept of woman as evil seductress, responsible for the original sin and fall of mankind.

It's the Islamic religion that rejected the idea that women in menses are "unclean" and defiled, or a source of bad luck. Islam grants women rights of inheritance, the right to choice in marriage, and the right to full discretion in the disposal of her personal assets.

Source: Times of India- Muslim Media


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