National Lottery Director assassinated in Turkey

Turkish National Lottery Director General Ihya Balak was shot in his head and shoulder and died instantly in his office on Friday.

National Lottery Director assassinated in Turkey
Ahmet O. (50), an auditor of the National Lottery, entered Balak's office where the secretary's desk is located. Ahmet O. had a gun in his hand. Noticing the handgun, Balak's secretary and some of the employees wanted to stop Ahmet O.

Ahmet O. locked the door of Balak's office after which Balak yelled "call security." Shots were heard after Balak's screams.

Security forces entered Balak's office from another door. Seeing police officers, Ahmet O. shouted "Welcome. Today is my happiest day ever!" Ahmet O. surrendered to security forces without violence.

In a body search, police found two clips with bullets on Ahmet O.

Balak was born in Ankara in 1952. He was married with two children.


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