Netanyahu heads to Russia for 'heavy' Iran sanctions

Netanyahu heads to Russia on Sunday with Moscow to push for heavy pressure against Iran over its nuclear programme.

Netanyahu heads to Russia for 'heavy' Iran sanctions

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu heads to Russia on Sunday with Moscow to push for heavy pressure against Iran over its nuclear programme.

"We will discuss a number of issues. First and foremost the Iranian issue," Netanyahu said on Sunday at the weekly Israeli cabinet meeting. He flies to Moscow later in the day.

"Israel believes that heavy pressure must be applied on Iran --- above all very severe sanctions, which were referred to by the U.S. secretary of state as 'crippling sanctions'," Netanyahu said.

The Kremlin said Netanyahu would hold talks with President Dmitry Medvedev on Monday, but provided no further details on the three-day visit.

Netanyahu last visited Russia in September on a secret one-day trip that was later confirmed by Israel after it leaked to the media.

Israeli media reports said he had flown to Moscow on a private plane to voice concern over the possible sale of Russian anti-aircraft missiles to Iran.

The visit comes a week after Russia officially questioned the "sincerity" of Iran's pledges not to develop nuclear weapons and, in a policy shift, said fresh UN sanctions on Tehran were a "realistic" option.

Iran's announcement this week that it had begun making higher-grade nuclear fuel.

Meanwhile, the United States, Britain, France and Germany are mulling a fourth round of U.N. Security Council sanctions on Iran.

Russia has indicated that it would not oppose new sanctions against Tehran for defying five U.N. Security Council resolutions demanding that it halt its nuclear enrichment programme, but diplomats say China's position is less clear.

Western officials involved in the six-power negotiations argue Russia will likely support new sanctions, though it will oppose measures that it deems too tough, such as sanctions on Iran's energy sector.

Israel, most experts estimate that it has at least between 100 and 200 nuclear warheads, considers the Islamic republic its top enemy and often threatens the country with an attack.


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Syed Suhail Khalid
Syed Suhail Khalid - 9 yıl Before

There is USA planting its missiles in Europe against Russia and on the other hand,there is Israel pressurising Russia to support sanctions against Iran.And Iran is a friend of Russia.It won't be if Russia supports the sanctions against the west,as I understand, is trying to isolate Russia.A Russia without friends is very weak.