Obama needs Turkey

Robert Wexler, U.S. Congressman from Florida said "Turkish-American relations would significantly develop during Obama's presidency. " in ameeting with Americans of Turkish descent.

Obama needs Turkey
U.S. Congressman from Florida, Robert Wexler, said Monday that if the Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama got elected the U.S. President, his first step would be safely withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq.

Speaking at a meeting with Americans of Turkish descent where he introduced his new book "Fire Breathing Liberal", Wexler said that "Obama would need Turkey's cooperation while withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq."

"Turkish-American relations would significantly develop during Obama's presidency. Obama would not take one-sided decisions. Obama would display respect for the role of the United Nations and NATO. Obama's term would be a positive term for Turkish-American relations," Wexler said.

Asked if he was concerned about recent developments in Turkey, Wexler said that "those are Turkey's domestic matters. The Turkish people have to solve the issues."

"There is a strong atmosphere that permits debates in Turkey. Democracy in Turkey would not only survive but also be successful," Wexler said.

"Every one talks about the strong Jewish lobby in the United States. I believe that Turkish-Americans would one day become as strong as the Jewish lobby in the U.S.," Wexler also said.

Wexler is a member of the Turkish friendship group in the U.S. House of Representatives

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