Obama says Turkey's leadership is vital in Middle East

US president praised Turkey's role in its region during telephone conversation with Tukish PM Erdogan and President Gul.

Obama says Turkey's leadership is vital in Middle East

U.S. President Barack Obama told Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a telephone conversation on Monday that Turkey played an important role for peace in its region.

Obama's recent praises came only few days after Israeli commender accused Turkey of 1915 incidents and tensions rose between Turkey and Israel.

"I would like to say that your leadership is vital in the Middle East peace process and America always understands Turkey's sensitivities," Erdogan's press office quoted Obama as telling the Turkish premier.

Obama also expressed willingness to work with Turkey in many issues such as maintaining peace in the Middle East, ending PKK terrorism and relations with Armenia.

Erdogan in return highlighted Turkey's sensitivities regarding Armenia and the Middle East, expressing the importance of fair and impartial stance of the United States to secure that the relations between the two countries were not damaged, said AA.

Obama has also telephoned Turkish President Abdullah Gul, said a statement from Gul's press office on Monday.

"During the telephone conversation, President Obama underlined the importance that he attaches to Turkish-U.S. relations, saying he appreciated the leadership Turkey has taken in regional issues," the statement said.

Top on the agenda of telephone conversation was Caucasus. They discussed also developments in Afghanistan, Middle East and EU.

President Gul paid a visit Russia last week and met with Russian counterpart and PM. They discussed energy, trade and developments in the region. Turkey and Russia also signed a trade deal. Thy also agreed on using Turkish Liras ans ruble in bilateral trade, instead of US dolar.

The two leaders also "re-affirmed the will to work together, reviewing regional as well as international issues."

"In both calls, the leaders discussed a number of current issues, including U.S. support for the growing Turkish-Iraqi relationship, the importance of cooperation in Middle East peace efforts, and the U.S. review on Afghanistan and Pakistan policy," the White House said in a statement.


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