Observing Earth from above / PHOTO

The greatest places on Earth. The pictures were taken from space. Among amazing views there are Noah's Ark Site on Mt Ararat, New York City during 9/11 attacks.Amazing views from above.

Observing Earth from above / PHOTO

Palm Island, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The image shows this man-made island that lies off the coast of Dubai in the Persian Gulf.

The Great Pyramid, Giza, Egypt: This featured image is a 61-centimeter pan-sharpened image of the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt The Great Pyramid is estimated to have been built circa 2650 B.C., and was erected as a tomb for the Egyptian pharaoh Khufu of the Fourth Dynasty.

Niagara Falls: The image shows the Niagara River that connects Lake Erie to Lake Ontario, snaking around Goat Island, in the lower left of the full image.

Hawaiian Islands: A silver swath of sunlight surrounds half of the Hawaiian Islands in this true-color Terra MODIS image.

On Top of the World: Everest and Makalu: ISS crewmembers took advantage of their vantage point to photograph a series of oblique views of the Himalayas looking south from over the Tibetan Plateau. At first glance, one might think that the image looks like a picture taken from an airplane, until you remember that the summits of Makalu [left (8,462 meters; 27,765 feet)] and Everest [right (8,850 meters; 29,035 feet)] are at the heights typically flown by commercial aircraft.

Ayers Rock (Uluru), Australia: This IKONOS satellite image of Ayers Rock was collected. Ayers Rock is located in Kata Tjuta National Park, 280 miles (450km) southwest of Alice Springs, Australia.

Earth's City Lights: This image of Earth's city lights, captured on October 19, 2000, was created with data from the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) Operational Linescan System (OLS). The brightest areas of the Earth are the most urbanized, but not necessarily the most populated.

Tsunami strikes the coast of Sri Lanka: This is a natural color, 60-centimeter (2-foot) high-resolution QuickBird satellite image featuring the southwestern coast of Sri Lanka.

Mount St. Helens, Washington: On a Space Station expedition, astronauts observed and captured this detailed image of the volcano's summit caldera. In the center of the crater sits a lava dome that is 876 feet above the crater floor and is about 3,500 feet in diameter.

The Nile River: Against the barren desert of northeastern Africa, the fertile valley of the Nile River runs northward through Egypt. The city of Cairo can be seen as a gray smudge right where the river widens into its broad fan-shaped delta.

Malosmadulu Atolls, Maldives: North and South Malosmadulu Atolls are in the Maldives, an island republic in the northern Indian Ocean, southwest of India.

Grand Canyon: The above image is a true color view from the nadir (vertical) camera. In addition to the Grand Canyon itself, which is visible in the western (lower) half of the images, other landmarks include Lake Powell.

Noah's Ark Site?: Is it or isn't it? Satellite images of Mt. Ararat, Turkey have pointed to a possible sighting of Noah's Ark. Decide for yourself!

Ground Zero, New York City: The image shows an area of white and gray-colored dust and smoke at the location where the 1,350-foot towers of the World Trade Center once stood.

Fritzler Corn Maze, Colorado: The design depicts the U.S. Marines raising the American Flag at The Battle of Iwo Jima in World War II.


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