Ortayli Ties Hopes for Solution in Eastern World to Ottoman

Professor Ilber Ortayli is a historian who never shies away from sharing his profound knowledge of history with those around him in a self-confident and comfortable manner.

Ortayli Ties Hopes for Solution in Eastern World to Ottoman

He thinks that getting to know the Ottoman Empire, which he describes as "the last real global empire in the world," is not so easy.

Getting to know the Ottoman Empire entails being knowledgeable about all other big civilizations on Earth, he says.

Prof. Ortayli's talks on the political events, institutions, and the important figures of the Ottomans and their relations with other states were published. The book is called "Rediscovering the Ottoman State."

A sequel to this book has been recently published by Timas Publishing House under the name of, "The Last Empire: Ottomans."

While reading the master historian's latest work, from the last sultan Abdulhamid II, to Sultan Mehmed II the Conqueror, the Tulip Age, the Harem, Ottoman neighborhoods and cemeteries, printing houses and libraries, westernization, orientalism, the cities of Bursa and Edirne, relations with Russia and Europe; one realizes the endless horizon of the last empire in the world.

"The roots of the problems the Eastern world is suffering from date back to Ottoman times. Hopes for lasting solutions lie in the Ottoman period. Being an Ottoman is the culture of partnership without a definite source. It is a historic period that carried the deserts of Aleppo to the Balkans; the architectural style of the Balkans to the East; Persian to Serbian; Greek to Arabian… While walking around the Terazija Square in Belgrade, capital of Serbia, if you ask the time to anyone, they would say, "…. je saat", which is exactly the word used in Turkish to mean the same thing. Gentlemen in Egypt still address one another today as 'Efendim,' also used in current Turkish to mean the same thing, whereas the root of the word, 'Efendi,' comes from the middle period of the Greek language."

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