Ortega: 'US financing opponents to topple him'

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega accused the United States on Wednesday of financing opponents to topple his government.

Ortega: 'US financing opponents to topple him'
Ortega, who fought U.S.-backed Contra rebels during his first stint as head of state in the 1980s, said officials at the U.S. Embassy in Managua were helping opponents "to try to organize protests and paralyze the country."

"At some point we will name those members of the Yankee embassy who are putting forward millions in financing for false union leaders and fake political leaders to organize protests against the revolutionary government," Ortega told thousands of workers ahead of Labor Day on Thursday.

Ortega, an ally of leftist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, said Nicaragua was still open to U.S. investment.

Ortega has said he wants good relations with Washington since taking office in January last year, almost 17 years after he was voted out of office.

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