Ottoman Headquarters in Palestine Becomes Turkish Cultural Center

An Ottoman headquarters in Al-Halil, Palestine has recently been transformed in to a cultural center and opened for public use.

Ottoman Headquarters in Palestine Becomes Turkish Cultural Center

The Fevzi Pasa Palace, which was used as Palestine headquarters by the Ottomans, was renovated and turned into a culture center.

The historical building was restored by Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA). The palace was used by the Ottoman commander Fevzi Pasa during World War I.

The project, a joint initiative by the TIKA Jerusalem branch and the Dahriye City Municipality, cost $50,000 dollars.

With the efforts of Dahriye Mayor Sami Isneevir, who completed his college education in Turkey, the palace was restored according to its original architecture.

Speaking to Cihan News Agency at the opening ceremony, Mayor Sami Isnevier called TIKA's investment in the region a tribute to the past and thanked Turkey for contributing to this initiative.

TIKA Jerusalem Coordinator Hasan Erturk said that the computer facilities inside the building would serve the people in the region. Erturk further said that the conference and meeting halls in the center would facilitate the organization of open meetings and other similar activities.

The Dahriye region is known for the Prophet Jacob, and the city is situated near the Beer Seva desert, a sacred place for both Muslims and Jews.

Hosting a number of remnants of the Ottoman Empire, Dahriye was used by the Ottomans as a fortified headquarters against probable attacks from the desert until 1917.

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