Pakistan parliament slams anti-Koran film, cartoon

Pakistan's parliament passed a resolution on Tuesday denouncing an anti-Koran film made by a Dutch politician and the reprinting of an insulting cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in Danish newspapers.

Pakistan parliament slams anti-Koran film, cartoon
Titled "Fitna", a Koranic term sometimes translated as "strife", the film by anti-immigration lawmaker Geert Wilders has drawn condemnation from UN, Europe and many Muslim countries, including Pakistan.

"This House strongly condemns the printing and reprinting of the sacrilegious and blasphemous caricatures of the Holy Prophet of Islam and release of an offensive and derogatory documentary on Islam titled 'Fitna'," read the resolution adopted by the National Assembly, parliament's lower house.

The resolution called on the United Nations to take steps to ensure respect for all religions.

Pakistan's Senate, parliament's upper house, last month denounced the Wilders' film as an effort to denigrate Islam.

In February, Pakistani authorities ordered Internet service providers to block the popular YouTube Web site after several films purporting to be Wilder's 15-minute movie appeared on it.

The ban was later lifted after YouTube removed the content insulting to Islam.
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