Pakistanis mourn 96 deads as govt pressured for more attacks on Taliban

Pakistanis mourn 96 deads as govt pressured for more attacks on Taliban

Pakistanis mourn 96 deads as govt pressured for more attacks on Taliban

Villagers are mourning on Saturday those killed in a northwest Pakistan suicide bombing which officials now say killed 96 people as Pakistani government came under again pressure for more attack on Taliban accross country.

Footage on private TV channels showed villagers gathered today to say funeral prayers as covered bodies lay before them.

Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani said Pakistan faces what he called attackers seeking to create panic and fear.

"We have told the world that we have the ability and the resolve and we want to eliminate terrorism, but our capacity needs to be enhanced. And the whole world has agreed that Pakistan's capacity should be enhanced," he told reporters.

A day after the suicide bomber blew up his SUV at the volleyball field in the northwest village of Shah Hassankhel, rescuers and villagers were still searching for victims.

"We still believe there are more bodies buried in the rubble and the death toll may go up," said Zahid Mohammad, a villager, who was among dozens of people helping rescuers.

"People are digging through the rubble with their hands and spades and there is no heavy machinery to help us. It is just pathetic."

Police say a meeting of anti-Taliban elders nearby was probably the actual target in the attack.

Authorities say the bomb attacks only stiffen their resolve to defeat the Taliban in their enclaves along the Afghan border, seen as a hub for the world's most dangerous militant groups.

Pakistani army launched late April a massive offensive in Swat Valley, breaking the deal between Taliban and government over a Sharia administration.

Taliban gained the right to form provincial administration, implementing Shar'ia laws in Swat districts under the deal. But Taliban fighters entered neighbouring districts, including one just 100 km (60 miles) northwest of Islamabad.

Taliban says the offensive was launched by government to please U.S. who has pressured to break it.

akistan grabed over 5 billion USD in financial assistance after military offensive on Taliban.


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