Palestinian Government Condemns IOF Raids in Lebanon

PA Premier Ismail Haneyya condemn Israeli air raid for bombing refuge camps in Lebanon

Palestinian Government Condemns IOF Raids in Lebanon

PA premier Ismail Haneyya on Monday reached Fatah Movement secretary in Lebanon Sultan Abul Einein over the telephone shortly after an Israeli air raid that targeted the Rachidiya refugee camp in Tyre, southern Lebanon, and killed a refugee and wounded five others.

Abul Einein briefed Haneyya on social and humanitarian conditions of the refugees in the Rachidiya in particular and the other Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon in general.

Lebanon hosts 12 refugee camps in which the inhabitants live under harsh social conditions. The UNRWA extends food, educational and health services to the refugees.

The PA refugees' affairs ministry asked the UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, to protect the Palestinian refugee camps in accordance with international human rights agreements.

It denounced in a statement the Israeli ceaseless aggressions on those camps in the Gaza Strip, West Bank and now Lebanon.

For its part, the PA government denounced the Israeli savage raids on Rachidiya, and other Lebanese civilian sites describing them as crimes against humanity.

Ghazi Hamad, the government spokesman, said in a press release that the Israeli occupation government proves once again its absolute disregard to all international values, norms and laws and considers itself above the law.

He regretted, however, the prevailing international silence, which only encouraged the "Zionist government" to commit more crimes against the Palestinians and the Lebanese.

Hamad stressed that the international organizations atop of which came UNRWA should exert all efforts possible for the sake of protecting those refugee camps.

A legal center in Nablus focusing on right of return and refugees' affairs condemned on Monday the Israeli incursions into south Lebanon and Gaza.

The Awda (return) center denounced the Israeli bombing of the Rachidiya refugee camp in Lebanon and the daily murder and destruction in lines of the Gaza Strip's refugee camps.

Source: The Palestinian Information Center

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