Palestinians Agree Unity Gov't, New PM

The ruling Hamas and President Mahmoud Abbas's once-dominant Fatah have reached an agreement on forming a national unity government that will not be headed by incumbent Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh.

Palestinians Agree Unity Gov't, New PM

"There has been an agreement within Hamas over the name, which will be announced to the president in a meeting between him and the prime minister," government spokesman Ghazi Hamad said on Monday, November 6.

Hamad did not say whether the candidate belonged to the ruling Hamas group.

"We are exerting every possible effort to conclude this in the near future. If we agree on the issue of the prime minister between the president and the party that names the prime minister, all other issues will be easy."

Sources close to Hamas confirmed the naming of a new prime minister.

"Hamas has picked up the new premier who will be revealed at proper time after completing preparations for forming the new unity government, the resignation of the incumbent government and agreeing on the inauguration letter," they told

"The government will include figures known for efficiency and partiality and will be formed in consultations with all parliamentary blocks," the sources added.

Abbas was due to travel to Gaza later Monday to meet with Haniyeh to discuss the new arrangements.

There was no immediate comment from Fatah.

Earlier, Yasser Abed Rabbo, a senior Abbas aide, talked about "an independent" prime minister.

Mustafa Barghouthi, an independent lawmaker who has been mediating between Hamas leaders and Abbas, confirmed the news.

"There is approval to form a new government headed by a new prime minister," Barghouthi told Reuters late Sunday, November 5.

Siege Lifting

Hamas sources told IOL that the unity government would be a first step to end the Western siege on the Palestinian people.

"The Palestinian presidency will work to lift the siege as soon as the government is formed," they said.

Hamas and Fatah have been in deadlock for months over forming a national unity government acceptable to Western donors.

In what has largely been seen as punishing the Palestinian people for their democratic choice, the US has been spearheading an international aid freeze against the cash-strapped Palestinian Authority since Hamas came to office.

"It will also seek the release of all ministers, lawmakers and local officials in Israeli jails as well as opening the file of restructuring the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)," said the sources.

Israeli occupation forces have abducted almost a third of the Hamas-led government as well as scores of senior MPs, including parliament speaker.

The sources said Abbas will seek to get European and Arab guarantees for lifting the financial siege.

They added that the new agreement is based on the national reconciliation document, agreed on by nearly all the Palestinian factions on June 27.

The 18-point document, also known as the prisoners' document, was drafted in June by senior Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails.

It implicitly recognizes Israel right to exist by calling for a Palestinian state on land occupied by Israel in 1967, including Al-Quds (occupied East Jerusalem).

The document also calls for "focusing" resistance attacks against Israeli forces in areas occupied in 1967.

The new government will work to protect the Palestinian national unity and avoid infighting, said the Hamas sources.

At least 20 people were killed in recent clashes between Hamas and Fatah.

"This requires the government to work in unison, respect the election results and end the security chaos," said the sources.

Source: Islamonline

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