Peace Now: 121 Colonies in West Bank

Peace Now movement: there are 121 colonies in the West Bank.

Peace Now: 121 Colonies in West Bank

The report says since the beginning of 2005, tenders for 1,184 residential units in the colonies have been published. Statistical data provided by the Central Bureau of Statistics show that construction had begun on 1,097 residential units as of the middle of 2005. This is in comparison with 860 residential units constructed during the corresponding period of last year.

According to data provided by the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics, as of the middle of 2005, 4,207 residential units are under construction.

This is in comparison with 3,984 residential units which were under construction during the corresponding period of last year.

As of this time, special security areas are being constructed around at least 6 different colonies and the construction of special security areas has been completed around at least 4 additional colonies.

Today, since the evacuation of 4 colonies in the northern West Bank (Homesh, Sa-Nur, Ganim and Kadim), the official number of colonies stands at 121, the report says.

It adds that out that there are a number of colonies which have not been accorded official status.

According the Movement, the number of colonizers as of December 2004 stood at 244,000.

It also said that the paving of a number of new bypass roads continues. "The Za'atara bypass road is apparently the largest infrastructure project being carried out by the State of Israel in the West Bank today", says the report, adding that this is a road that will connect the Nokdim and Tko'a colony with Har Homa, which is located on the southeastern corner of Jerusalem's municipal area.

Fencing work along roads has been observed, the report points out, in a number of spots over the past weeks: 1. Along road no. 5 in the section leading from the Tapuach-Ariel intersection.

2. Along road no. 60, near the Palestinian village of Al-Khader, west of Bethlehem.

3. At a number of places along road 443. 4. Along road no, 5088 (Revava-Immanuel), in the area that is west of Haras.

Source: WAFA

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