Photo that annoys Israel

Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero annoyed Israel with his manners and explanations.

Photo that annoys Israel
Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero's  coming to the front of the press with a Palestinian flagged wearing woof and seriously criticising Israel caused a diplomatic crisis between two countries.
Since the Jewish communities in Spain blamed the Prime Minister with Anti-semitism, Embassy of Israel claimed that Zapatero without knowing the truth made explanations.
Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Angel Moratinos, said Spain cannot be silent for the massacre that Israel is causing in front of the eyes of the world.He also said that he could not understand how a logic doing this violence could blame the Prime Minister with Anti-semitism.
Spanish Prime Minister, in his Party's Youth Meeting, during his speech putting on a Palestinian flagged wearing woof around his neck pointed out that, as a  government Israel has the right to defend its rights but the extreme power that it used to kill the civilians should immediately be stopped before very saddening things happen in the future.He also wanted Israel to stop the military operations.
Anti-semitism discussions in the Israeli press 
Also Spanish press is discussing Zapatero's words and action that started the dispute on the Anti-semitism. Zapatero, in one of the congress of the Socialist Party criticised the Israeli attacks, in the same meeting his photo with the Palestinian flagged wearing woof  was identified with  the ex Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat

El Periodico newspaper thinks it is a mistake but also critisizes Israeli Ambassador and the opposition party.According to the newspaper more than 300 innocent people's death is giving the moral authority to call Israel for ceasefire and to stop.


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