Police team rescues worker buried in pile of sand

A police team rescued a worker who was buried after a pile of sand collapsed.

Police team rescues worker buried in pile of sand
Dubai Police's Difficult Missions' Team and Land Rescue Team rescued the worker who got stuck in a hole after a pile of sand collapsed. He was working in one of the villas in Al Khawaneej.

The Control and Command Room received a report about the worker on Monday morning. The Difficult Missions team arrived at the scene within ten minutes of receiving the report.

Lieutenant Abdullah Al Rahoumi, Duty Rescue Officer, said the team used mechanical equipment to get the worker out as the sand had covered his entire body, except his head. The worker sustained moderate injuries. The operation lasted for one and a half hours.

Lieutenant Al Rahoumi said such accidents take place because workers who dig holes do not realise the risks of the work they do while they are inside the holes.

They also do not take safety precautions. He said the sand around the hole in which the worker was working was unstable which made it collapse. He called on the public to follow safety procedures to avoid accidents at work sites.

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