'Practicing Good Morality is a Remedy for Degeneration'

The issue of "morality" was handled at the 3rd National Risale-i Nur Congress. The view that "The Qur'an is the source of morality" was agreed upon during the symposium in which 60 academics participated.

'Practicing Good Morality is a Remedy for Degeneration'

Peace and happiness can only be possible in a virtuous society, the academics underlined as they noted that the Divine Revelation and sunnah should be resorted to in order to ensure a moral attitude prevails in society.  The conclusion declaration of the congress emphasized that the exploitation of women should be prevented, especially in advertisements.

It is noted in the declaration that, "The best reaction against immorality is to practice good morality perfectly," and the consciousness of obedience to God will assist families and society reach the summit.

The symposium was held at five different tables. At the table where the topic of "Morality and change in the public sphere" was handled, it was pointed out that the public sphere was a sociological concept and that the public was not the state in this sense."

"The state's duty in the public sphere is to protect the freedoms and secure public order," it was said.

The Risale-i Nur Congress, which began Saturday, ended with a panel held yesterday.

Mustafa Sungur, a student of Bediuzzaman Said-i Nursi, also delivered a speech during the congress. Sungur said the books, Risale-i Nur, should be used for instruction in schools in order to raise moral generations.

Sunday's panel started after individual speeches were delivered.

Journalist-Writer Ali Bulac speaking at the panel said Muslim countries are leading among countries where incidents of corruption are rife.

"We live in a rotten and hypocritical society. One talks about morality in the appearance but everyone commits immorality and exploitation at their level," Bulac said.

"Source of morality," "Morality and change in the public sphere," "Personal life and morality," "Science and morality," and "Global morality and Qur'an" were among the topics of the congress.

The source of morality is the Divine Revelation, it was determined.

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