Praising the Prophet of Mercy

The wisdom of Abraham, the patience of Job, the chastity of Joseph, the strength of Moses, and the charity of Jesus were all embodied in Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). The Seal of the Prophets, assuming no holiness, personified ultima

Praising the Prophet of Mercy

Despite losing his dear family members at a young age, he grew up to be 'a mercy to all the worlds'. His love extended from his family members, to believers, to non-believers, and even to animals. As a family man, he raised his cousin `Ali, always kissed his daughter Fatimah on the forehead, and cherished the memory of his wife Khadijah to the end of his life. He taught that feeding an animal can take one to Heaven whereas mistreating it could take one to Hell.

Unlike the bomb-turbaned figure in the blasphemous Danish cartoons that sparked outrage among Muslims recently, upon his victorious return to Mecca, Prophet Muhammad set his enemies free. On that day when one of his Companions said, "Today is the day of the battle. Today Allah humiliates the Quraish," the Prophet protested, "Today is the day of mercy. Today Allah honors the Quraish."

Whenever the Quraish attacked him he would supplicate Allah: "Please Allah, guide my people, for they don't know." On his way back from Taif, where the villagers stoned him until he bled, an angel appeared and offered to punish the transgressors. The Prophet declined, because maybe one day one of his assailants would be guided.

For his magnanimous character, the Prophet has been praised by Muslims throughout their history. Now, centuries after his death, believers around the world continue to express their devotion to him through poetry and song in many different tongues. Here we offer you a selection.

1) Sami Yusuf 

  • Mustafa

  • 2) Zain Bhikha

  • Tala'Al-Badru 'Alayna
  • Mount Hira

    3) Native Deen


    4) Raihan

  • Nabi Anak Yatim

    5) Aa'shiq-al-Rasool

    Allahuma Salli `ala Muhammad

    6) The Burda

    The Burda or The Poem of the Cloak is widely considered the greatest panegyric for Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Composed by Imam Al-Busairi in the 13th century CE, it has been explained by scholars and sung by lovers of the Prophet ever since. For more information about the poem, please click here. There are many recordings of the Burda. This version is performed by Egyptian nasheed singer al-Atwany.

    7) Sudanese Madih (Praise Poetry)

    Madh composed by Sudanese poet Muhammad Majdhub. Click here for a translation of the poem.

    8) Qatrunada

    Indonesian Qatrunada is one of the many popular nasheed groups (merging

    poppy tunes, vocal harmonies, and percussion) that were created

    in the wake of Raihan's success. They have now built a considerable international fan base of their own.

    9) Salaat `ala Rasul

    Video of an Arabic nasheed performed by an Indonesian munshid (singer of religious songs) and a group of children.

    • To view the video click here.

    10) Mohammed Seyyid al-Baraya

    11) Salla Llah `alayk ya Nur

    12) Habib Ali al-Jifri 

    •  Yemeni scholar Habib Ali al-Jifri sings in praise of the Prophet. 



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