President Sezer Clearly Opposes Islamic Life in Turkey

Turkey's President Ahmed Necdet Sezer Reveals His Anti-Islamic Feelings Despite of Muslim Majority's Entity and Rights

President Sezer Clearly Opposes Islamic Life in Turkey

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"Religious fundamentalism has reached alarming proportions. Turkey's only guarantee against this threat is its secular order,"  Sezer talks a gathering of military officers late on Wednesday, without mentioning the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) by name. He furthermore said that the religion should be practiced as alone not as public which could be a threat to the secular state. He even exaggerated his statement to the restriction of religious life if necessary.

Reactions to the statements of Sezer were very harsh from many NGO's, unions, associations, newspapers, web-pages, intellectuals, thinkers, columnists, scholars and normal citizens.

"It is really funny to hear those worthless  and ordinary statements from Sezer as putting rules to the believers" says a butcher.

"It is non of his business to interfere with my private or social life no matter how I want to live in according to the Islamic Rules." says a student.

Daily newspaper Vakit compared president of Turkey Ahmet Necdet Sezer with president of Iran Mahmoud Ahmedinejad as following:

"1- Sezer is opposite to muslims' way of life whereas Ahmedinejad behaves differently

2- Sezer just live in his presidency palace whereas Ahmedinejad lives with Iranian

3- Sezer always tries to restrict muslim citizens' right whereas Ahmedinejad does opposite."

On the other hand, "I and our government are as sensitive as our president over proper implementation of the principle of secularism and its protection," Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Ali Þahin, responsible for recruiting for state offices, said at a press conference. "I wish the president had brought it to my attention if he knows about people engaged in fundamentalist activities."

AKP deputy Faruk Çelik criticized the president's comments, saying at a press conference earlier yesterday that people in power should avoid moves that could lead to "artificial problems."

As it is remembered president of Turkey was charged of forgiving many terrorists and to be freed from prisons most of whom were killed while clashing with police in many places of Turkey.


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