Press Roundup

The suspect in Hrant Dink's assassination, Ogün Samast, was captured by the gendarmarie in Samsun Saturday night.

Press Roundup

His father Ahmet Samast contacted the police after recognizing his son's image on TV.

 cumhuriyet Greenpeace members protested a draft law that prepares for the establishment and running of nuclear power plants in Turkey. Environmentalists gathering at Galatasaray Square in Istanbul carried banners that read, "I'm walking against the nuclear bill," and "I don't want a nuclear future." The protestors read a statement about the draft law which was prepared by the Turkish Parliament's Environmental Commission: "We dream of a clean, beautiful and a positive future for ourselves, our grandchildren and for future generations. There is no space for nuclear energy in this dream. Nuclear energy is not a solution, it brings death."

 bugün According to a report entitled, "Business World and Civil Society" by the Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists of Turkey (TUSKON), many Turkish businessmen are indifferent to non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and yet NGOs are the driving force for democratization in Turkey. TUSKON Chairman Rýzanur Meral said that out of 1.2 million businessmen registered at the Union of Turkish Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), only 40,000 were registered members of NGOs. Meral underlined that the general economic outlook of the country was tied to long-term investments, so businessmen should realize their social responsibilities and spend accordingly.  

 star Legendary Rock and Roller Chuck Berry gave an unforgettable concert at the Hilton Exhibition Center in Istanbul as part of his European tour. The 81-year-old musician delivered a brilliant performance, playing on stage for over an hour accompanied by his son, Chuck Berry Jr., on guitar. Berry was given the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 1985 Grammy's. Berry drove off in a Mercedes after arrival at the airport. Berry cannot legally drive in the USA, so he realizes his dream to drive luxury vehicles while touring overseas.

 vatan Turkey's defense electronics manufacturer Aselsan has developed a system that would enable the pursuit of criminals electronically. The "Public Security Communication System" aims at reducing the increasing number of crimes committed in cities by coordinating efforts to find the criminals in the shortest time possible. The system also enables safe and fast communication between officials in the event of natural disasters or terror situations.

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