Problematic media, responsible media

The media that usually look down on the public's values and slander them -- but at the same speak on behalf of the public in writing and drawings -- will have to submit to this new era, whether or not they wish to.

Problematic media, responsible media
By Hüseyin Gülerce, Today's Zaman

The national will initiated a new era in Turkey on July 22. This is indeed what Gül's presidency signaled. Many things will not remain the same from now on. Turkey's European Union membership process will accelerate, freedoms will expand and the rule of law will be under the bond of the civil will. If I am to speak openly, the judiciary, universities and semi-official organizations will find it hard to defend the status-quo. The irresponsible media are included in this as well.

The irresponsible media are the media which fancy themselves to be the government, the judiciary and the soldier. The media that usually look down on the public's values and slander them -- but at the same speak on behalf of the public in writing and drawings -- will have to submit to this new era, whether or not they wish to. The public floated into power the people whose lifestyles, ideas and identities are familiar, by a margin of 47 percent. These irresponsible media say, "They seized the government." The Parliament, composed of the public's representatives, elected the 11th president and the media called it the downfall of the castle, shouting, "They captured Çankaya!" Should we ask them who they are, they will say, "We are the fourth force of democracy, speaking on the behalf of public."; whereas, the public has already spoken its words on July 22 and left nothing for these media to say.

The new era is a period of normalization. The guardians of the regime should understand the message of democracy, the most crucial determinant for this era, correctly. The people standing on the side of democracy and freedom will survive in the new era. However, those that stand against democracy will fall behind in this new epoch, even if they are members of the Court of Appeals, the Turkish Council of Higher Education (YÖK) or representatives of the media. The sea ends here; we are on land now. The status-quo is around its life's end, and democracy has won. The irresponsible media are irresponsible, have transgressed against the rules they themselves established and are standing on the wrong ground. Yes, the newspaper columns will now become the real democrats, not the pretenders; and they will really come under the ruling of media principles. There are alternative media developing in opposition to the irresponsible media and the source of strength for these new media is democracy and becoming civil. As I wrote yesterday, the responsible media will hush the irresponsible ones. The bar raised by the EU will also affect the media. The standardizations forced upon fishing, floriculture and bee-keeping will also put the media in line; none of them will be able to claim, "This is my freedom of speech! So what?", after insulting their own public with sayings such as "Jerry-can heads, or the man scratching his belly." Ideas and insults will be distinguished between from now on.

The responsible media will give criticism its due too. The one keeping quiet against injustice is the dumb devil. Turning a blind eye to mistakes is also irresponsibility. But it is also honorable to tell the truth, offer a solution and remind of the principles while making a criticism, without wrestling with people.

The responsible media won't be hankering for extrajudicial killings and will have a stance that reflects its responsibility. The "everyone does what befits himself" truth will be the crucial norm.

The new era will highlight the media members who try to understand their public and respect their values and will. Our people have gathered under the roof of moderation and the problematic media members should try to understand the moderate majority, instead of creating a virtual world by sitting at a table and creating a virtual public in place of this world; because it isn't the solution.

Responsibility and honesty require acting in accordance with the truth. In order to do so, it is sufficient to interpret the world and Turkey correctly.
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