Prof. Dr. Isam Al - Rawi Martyred in Baghdad

Eminent Muslim Scientist Prof. Dr. Isam Al Rawi who was president of the Association of Iraqi Teachers and member of International Union for Muslim Scholars was martyred today in Baghdad

Prof. Dr. Isam Al - Rawi Martyred in Baghdad

World Bulletin / Istanbul - Prof. Dr. Essam Al Rawi was a member of the secretariet of the Association of Muslim Scholars and International Union for Muslim Scholars, and the president of the Association of Iraqi Teachers.

Today the armed group attacked Dr. Rawi near his house. After attack, Dr. Rawi immediately martyred while two others were injured who are receiving treatment at the hospital now.

Prof. Dr. Rawi was eminent scientists who was dealing with liquidation aimed at scientists in Iraq. He has had many discussions, meetings and conversations on satellite channels. He was frequently visiting Istanbul, Turkey which was his second homeland and made many more programs.

The martyrdom of Dr. Rawi brought the number of the martyrs more than 180 in light of the escalation of serious abductions, tortures, shia militias attacks like Badr and Mahdi Brigades and incitements to liquidate some members of the policital blocs especially and mostly sunnites in Iraq.

May Allah (swt) almighty mercy on his soul and accept his martyrdom.

World and muslims of Turkey send his condolences to Dr. Rawi's family and the Union for Muslim Scholars in Iraq.

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