Rehn: Serbia's turning to Moscow dangerous game

EU Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn says "some politicians in Serbia are using Kosovo to turn towards Moscow, instead of toward Brussels".

Rehn: Serbia's turning to Moscow dangerous game
"Kosovo is often cited in Serbia's internal discussions as a reason to turn toward Moscow, instead of toward Brussels. This is a dangerous game, because Serbia would be the first to suffer if authorities and fragile economy in Kosovo were to fail," Rehn said in a lecture in Oxford, reported by his cabinet.

"Serbia should not undermine influences, because it needs the guiding hand of the European Union in order for Kosovo to function," he was further quoted by Serbian TANJUG agency as saying.

In this context, the Finnish diplomat said that ahead of the May 11 elections, "the people of Serbia are facing a concrete choice between two models: a European future or the nationalistic past"."

"The Serb people could choose greater freedom, better standard of living, peaceful neighborly relations, or risk self-isolation if they choose nationalist authoritarianism that is offered by those who reject the European Union and the European way of living," Rehn said, according to a Tanjug news agency report.

"The signing of the Stabilization and Association Agreement between the EU and Serbia is a strong signal to the Serb nation and its EU perspective," he said.
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